Walders Dairy-Free Scotch & Coffee Liqueur


Walder’s creamy liqueur is a unique blend of real coffee, finest scotch whisky, grain neutral spirit and natural, non-dairy base.
Rich and smooth, subtle in flavour yet tantalising in taste.

Brand Walders
Kashrut Certificate Machzikei Hadas


Bottle Size: 750ML
Alc/Vol: 17%
Country Produced in the Netherlands for Walders LTD England
Supervision Machzikei Hadas
Kosher for Passover NO
Producer Walders
Walders delivers a real taste experience. It is perfect on its own, swirled with ice and delicious in cocktails, Its natural non-dairy base makes it ideal for creating a range of unique drinks and in particular a variety of refreshing cocktails when mixed with fruit juices


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