Rakusen’s Matzo Crackers (Blue) 150GRakusen's


Brand Rakusen's
Kashrut Certificate Kedassia, KLBD
Lifestyle Low Fat, Low Salt, Vegan
  • Kedassia
  • KLBD
  • Low Fat
  • Low Salt
  • Vegan


Enjoy Rakusen’s Matzos your own way.
Rakusen’s Matzo Crackers are the versatile choice for a range of toppings.

Tasty, crispy and naturally free from additives – each cracker is just 19 calories, making them ideal for guilt-free snacking.

The perfect partner for both soft and hard cheeses, as well as chutneys, jams and preserves.

Low in fat, sugar and salt
Dairy free                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Lactose free nut free


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