Laphroaig Select


Brand Laphroaig


Bottle Size: 70cl
Alc/Vol: 40%
Region Islay
Distillery Laphroaig
Colour Full, Deep gold.
Laphroaig Select
Tasting Note :
Nose: Lemon grass, citracal, white peaches, pear drops, icing and a hit of cherry drops. The smoke sits behind all of these, and doesn’t give the classic Laphroaig TCP that we are used to, but a more subtle smoky tone which you’d expect to find somewhere in the North of the Island. The whole lot is wrapped in sweet vanilla.
Palate: This is a sweet and subtle dram (not something you’d often say about a Laphroaig), with very light smoke on the palate, gooseberry fool, green tea, dream topping and fresh lemon juice. Think about eating a lemon and sugar pancake with the dying embers of a summer bonfire in distance.
Finish: A slight bitterness and more of that lemon juice and delicate smoke. Chamois leather.


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