Galil Mountain RoseGalil


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Brand Galil
Kashrut Certificate R' D. Oierbach
Kosher for Passover Kosher for Passover
  • R' D. Oierbach
  • Kosher for Passover


Brand Galil
Style: Rose
Vintage: Latest Vintage
Bottle Size: 750ML
Alc/Vol: 13%
Mevushal: NO
Country Israel
Supervision R’ D. Oierbach
Kosher for Passover YES
Region:The higher elevations of the Upper Galilee, the northern part of the Galilee viticulturalarea.
Varieties:77% Sangiovese, 6% Barbera, 12% Pinot Noir, 5% Grenache.
Style: A dry and aromatic wine with characters of fresh strawberry, rose blossom, citrus and spices. Refreshing and vivacious with high acidity.
The hand-harvested Sangiovese grapes followed a classic white wine process immediately upon their arrival to the winery, including static settling for 24 hours and cold fermentation at 14°C (57°F). Rosé was produced from the Pinot Noir, Barbera and Grenache grapes in the saignée(bleeding) method, where a small percentage of juice from the red wine tanks was drawn off a few hours after receiving the grapes, and then fermented separately.


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