Benromach 10 Year Old


Nose: Toffee and butterscotch with hints of liquorice and green apple.
Palate: The liquorice and green apple continue from the nose, joined by a maltiness, smoke and spicy cardamom and white pepper.
Finish: Warming, with the fruit and spice slowly dissipating to leave a delightful malty smokiness.

Brand Benromach


Bottle Size: 70cl
Alc/Vol: 43%
Region Highland
Kosher for Passover NO
Nose: You know what, this greasiness and this mineral smokiness just cannot not make us think of modern Springbank, which can’t be bad news. I find some smoked tea, touches of truffles, graphite oil, quite some fresh barley (or is that porridge?) and quite some raw wool and grass. Old school for sure!
Mouth: Excellent, smoky, mineral, phenolic, waxy and displaying various citrus fruits without any excessive sweetness. Excellent body at 43% vol. Then more liquorice, a little sweet mustard (cassis flavoured like they make in Burgundy) and quite some bitter oranges.
Finish: Quite long, smoky, with notes of agaves and minerals.
Comments: Tastes like a true islander. We used to say that Lochside was the Springbank of the east, now it’s rather Benromach. I’m a fan. Same score as before. SGP:553 – 87 points.


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