Bazelet Hagolan Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve


Brand Bazelet Hagolan


Alc/Vol: 16%
Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyard: This exceptional wine finds its origins in several vineyards situated in the northern Golan Heights at altitudes ranging from 900-1000m above sea-level. The rich and fertile basalt (bazelet in Hebrew) soil, the particular local climatic conditions and the meticulous growing methods contribute to making the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes cultivated at these vineyards to be of the absolute highest quality.
Winemaking: Aging for 20 months in French and American oak barrels following careful, handcrafted production processes form part of the secret of this wine.
Tasting note: Deep red color, rich and spicy with a touch of chocolate, blackberry. This wine reveals a creamy texture and long finish. For those able to resist the temptation to uncork, this wine will age wonderfully.
Serving Temperature: 18º – 22º
Alcohol: 16%


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