Baked Ziti (Parve) 340GMeal Mart


SKUMeal Mart 001-3
Brand Meal Mart
Kashrut Certificate Nirbarter - Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum
Parve Parve
  • Nirbarter - Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum
  • Parve


Spice up your lunch or dinner with meal mart’s baked ziti. Savor a delectable classic Italian dish without spending hours in the kitchen preparing. All you have to do is heat this kosher dish in the microwave, serve, and let your family enjoy robust flavors in every bite. Non-dairy and lactose-free, you will feel good about serving this guilt-free baked ziti any day of the week. Boasting perfectly cooked pasta in zesty tomato sauce, this kosher-certified dish will leave your family wanting seconds’ or thirds!


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