Ardbeg An Oa


Non chill-filtered at 46% ABV.
Smoky. Sweet. Singularly rounded.

Brand Ardbeg


Brand Ardbeg
Bottle Size: 70cl
Alc/Vol: 46%
Region Islay
Dilution Non chill filtered
Colour Light Gold
Nose Rounded and smoky – like burning Applewood – with creamy toffee, aniseed, treacle and dates. Suggestion of juicy fruits. Add a drop of water, for hints of Ardbeg’s fragrance – lime, pine resin, fennel, saddle soap and tar.
Taste Smooth, creamy texture leads into a syrupy sweetness, flavours of milk chocolate, treacle toffee, aniseed, orange and smoky tea leaves. Gentle, sweet spices, cigar smoke, and a very unusual flavour of grilled artichokes.
Finish Lingering, both gentle and intense, with flavours of aniseed, hickory and subtle smoke.
Dram with smoky power, mellowed by a delectable, smooth sweetness. Signature Ardbeg peat, dark chocolate and aniseed are wrapped in smooth, silky butterscotch, black pepper and clove, before rising to an intense crescendo of flavour.


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