1848 2nd Generation Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot


Crimson red wine with hints of red fruit, green pepper, black fruits and subtle oak tree withered. Bodied wine with balanced and Relishes long and complex finish.

Brand 1848
Kashrut Certificate Badatz Eda Hacharedit
Kosher for Passover Kosher for Passover
Made in Israel Made in Israel
  • Badatz Eda Hacharedit
  • Kosher for Passover
  • Made in Israel


Winery: 1848
Region: Israel
Series: 2nd Generation
Style: Dry Red
Vintage: NV
Bottle Size: 750ML
Alc/Vol: 14%
Mevushal: NO
Country Israel
Supervision Badatz Eida Chareidis
Kosher for Passover YES
Body Medium Bodied
The vineyard:
the grapes come from vineyards unique mosaic of mature, producing areas in the Galilee, the Judean lowlands and the hills of Jerusalem. Crops are limited and limited water regime donors for quality grapes. Experienced vintners and agronomic continuously monitoring the progress of the vine allow harvest each plot at its peak.
The winemaking:
grapes arrived to the winery in the early morning and coolness were transferred to what “Crusher” directly to stainless steel fermentation tanks cooled. The must was fermented cool temperature of 22-24 PWD to preserve the character of varieties. After the fermentation the wine was aged in barrels Hmlolktit for 10 months. After this period was made from this screen that reflects the combination of noble varieties.


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