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Dorset Cereals

Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
GR243 Dorset Cereals
Berries & Cherry Muesli 800G

SUPERVISION: zingy blackcurrants, cherr...

GR117 Dorset Cereals
Classic Fruit, Roasted Nuts & Seeds 700G

SUPERVISION: roasted hazelnuts & flaked...

GR101 Dorset Cereals
Dorset Cereal Variety Pack 6 85G


GR116 Dorset Cereals
Heavenly High Fibre Muesli 670G

SUPERVISION: malty high-fibre flakes wi...

GR115 Dorset Cereals
Simply Nutty Muesli 700G

SUPERVISION:a simple blend of whole alm...

GR093 Dorset Cereals
Simply Delicious Muesli 850G

SUPERVISION: a simple blend of roasted ...

GR103 Dorset Cereals
Simply Fruity Muesli 820G

SUPERVISION: a simple blend of sweet pa...


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