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Model Manufacturer- Product Image Item Name Price
SHA10 Shamir
Aubergines Sauce Piquant 250G

Badatz, Israel Aubergines Sauce Piquant...

SHA31 Shamir
Aubergines Thai Style 250G

Badatz, Israel Aubergines Thai style 25...

SHA34 Shamir
Aubergines Vegetables Pate style 250G

Badatz, Israel Aubergines Vegetables Pa...

SHA35 Shamir
Aubergines with Tehina 250G

Badatz, Israel Aubergines with Tehina 2...

SHA14 Shamir
Coleslaw 250G

Badatz, Israel Coleslaw 250 gr Ingredie...

SHA07 Shamir
Eggplant - Babagnush 250G

Badatz, Israel Aubergines Babaganush 25...

SHA38 Shamir
Fried Hot Peppers 250G

Badatz, Israel Harissa 200gr Ingredient...

SHA40 Shamir
Grilled Eggplant 250G


SHA04 Shamir
Harisa 200G

Badatz, Israel Harissa 200gr Ingredient...

yar35 Shamir
Harissa 200g


SHA09 Shamir
Horseradish 200G

Supervision:Shomron Rabbinate...

SHA37 Shamir
Houmous Abu-Gosh with Sauce Piquant 250G

Badatz, Israel Houmous Chick Peas with ...

yar37 Shamir
Houmous Jerusalem 500g


yar38 Shamir
Houmous Kids 500g


SHA32 Shamir
Houmous Masabacha 250G

Badatz, Israel Houmous Mesabacha 250 gr...

yar39 Shamir
Houmous Original 500g


yar40 Shamir
Houmous with Masbacha Sauce 300g


yar41 Shamir
Houmous with Piquant Sauce 300g


yar42 Shamir
Houmous with Roasted Hot Peppers 300g


yar43 Shamir
Houmous with Tahina 300g


yar36 Shamir
Houmous with Tahina 500g


yar44 Shamir
Houmous with Zatar 300g


SHA20 Shamir
Houmus & Fried Chilli pepper 300G

Badatz, Israel Houmous With Hot Peppers...

SHA18 Shamir
Houmus & Matbucha 300G

Badatz, Israel...

SHA16 Shamir
Houmus & Sauce Piquanti 300G

Badatz, Israel Houmous With Sauce Piqua...

SHA15 Shamir
Houmus & Tehina 300G

Badatz, Israel Houmous With Tehina 500g...

SHA27 Shamir
Houmus & Tehina 500G

Badatz, Israel Houmous With Tehina 500g...

SHA17 Shamir
Houmus & Zatar 300G

Badatz, Israel Houmous With Za'atar 300...

SHA03 Shamir
Houmus 250G

Badatz, Israel...

SHA22 Shamir
Houmus 500G

Badatz, Israel...


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